Best Pre-Kindergarten in Webster TX

Call 281-554-5000 for information about our Pre-Kindergarten Class for children between the ages of three and five years old.

L.S. of Houston, TX says…

Pre-K Kids At Our Easter Party

Pre-K Kids At Our Easter Party

“My children love it here! This is the best thing my kids do for fun!”

Our Pre-Kinder Class is available for children between three and five years old. Our primary focus is to prepare children for Kindergarten, both intellectually and socially, by covering all of the essential elements. We teach across a broad spectrum using the TEKS guidelines (Texas Essential knowledge and Skills), which are the standards specified by the state of Texas for what all students show know before entering Kindergarten.

We have a heavy emphasis on phonics and are also incorporating Spanish into our daily schedule. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation for reading and learning in the following year. We will work to reach a 20-minute attention span before Kindergarten; to have the children focus on the teacher and follow a three-step direction; and to work with manipulative and fine motor skills. Finally, we perform periodic assessments to insure that the children are picking up the objectives on which we are working.

Below, the Pre-Kindergarten class is getting a Spanish lesson on their body parts. This initial lesson was followed-up with a hands-on exercise for them to apply what they’ve learned.

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