Day Care Weekly Activities

Gimmie A Break Day Care Weekly Activities for Your Child Are Awesome!

Our Gimmie A Break day care activities are much more than keeping your child occupied.  We want your child to be learning new activities and skills, improving your child’s level of fitness and having fun too!  Gimmie  A Break has been Webster’s trusted day care provider for more than 25 years and we’re working hard every day to build on that legacy of quality day care and preschool services.  Please call us at 281-554-5000.

Many of our weekly activities  are organized by Stretch-N-Grow Fitness.  Stretch-N-Grow Fitness develops programs to combat child obesity and promote healthy habits, including a love of exercise.

Stretch-N-Grow Dance Class

Stretch-N-Grow Dance Class is one of the many fitness and fun activities we offer from our friends at Stretch-N-Grow Fitness.  The kids have a fantastic time working with Stretch-N-Grow’s carefully selected instructors.  Each Stretch-N-Grow Coach is a certified youth fitness specialist.

Funtastic Fitness Class

This is another class offered through Stretch-N-Grow Fitness.  We want your child to learn to love to exercise and our Funtastic Fitness instructors make that happen with our students through a varied program of cardio, strength-building and stretching exercises.

Stretch-N-Grow Dance Party

Our Dance Parties are organized by Stretch-N-Grow Fitness

PreKindergarten Spanish Class

We offer pre-kindergarten Spanish lessons every Thursday.  Many studies have shown that it’s much easier to learn a second language earlier in life than later.  Our Spanish instructor teaches the basics of the language in order to establish a foundation for more advanced instruction later in school — and the children have a fantastic time learning the Spanish language.

Call us at 281-554-5000 for more information about our weekly activities and about Gimmie A Break day care, preschool, and pre-kindergarten programs.  Visit our spacious facility on Live Oak Street, just a block south of West Bay Area Boulevard and just a few blocks from the Gulf Freeway and Baybrook Mall.  We’re open late until 11 PM Monday through Thursday and until 2 AM Friday and Saturday nights.

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