Parent Reviews

“I have two kids who are enrolled at Gimmie A Break.  They are thoroughly enjoying it.  The personnel here are so caring and so interactive.  They each have their favorites and they know the other kids and they love it here.  They look forward to coming to summer camp.  They have all kinds of activities available for them in the summer which keeps them from getting bored and keeps them interested.  The hours here are fabulous, they open at seven in the morning and they’re open until eleven o’clock at night and they have extended hours on the weekend.  So that if something happens at my job and I have to work late, I don’t have to worry about the kids, I don’t have to call and have them picked up by someone else, and I know they’re going to be safe until I get there.  And they’re open on Saturdays so if something happens and I need to run an errand and I need to take care of something where I can’t take the kids, I can run the kids by here.  And they’ll have fun until I can get whatever straightened out.”  — R. Davis

“My son has gone here for a year and a half.  They’re very flexible and they treat my son as they treat their own children.  We’re very happy here!”

“Hey guys, how’s it going!  I’m just going to tell you about Gimmie A Break.  I have two daughters who go here, it’s a great facility.  They learn a lot and they have excellent teachers here.  They’re really learning how to read and write.  My daughter has advanced very, very far in the reading category and the writing category is coming right along too.  I have a three and a four year old, they do really good things here.  They play but with a lot of educational background behind it.  If y’all are interested in checking the place out it’s a very good foundation, very good place.”

“Hi, my daughter has been coming here for three years — ever since she was a baby.  I love Gimmie A Break because they give you the flexibility to bring your child in when you need them and also because they have a great Mothers Day Out program.  She learns so much with her teacher.  She’s learning Spanish and she’s learned all her shapes, her colors, her numbers and she’s actually eating lunch, which is great and taking naps.  She has a lot of fun outside and in the bouncey room.  I just think its a really great relaxed environment for all the children to learn and grow and socialize.  So I really recommend you bring your children here.  You’ll have an excellent time and your kid will love it as well.”

“I love Gimmie A Break!  I have three kids here.  They’re eighteen months, four and five years old and we’ve been coming here for about a year.  We absolutely love it.  They have a fantastic curriculum and my baby has advanced incredibly since she’s been here. They love the outdoors and Gimmie A Break takes them outside all the time.  They have an awesome playground with lots of running room.  And they’ve got a bouncey room and just tons to do for all ages, plus lots of activities that they contract out to come in and my kids absolutely love it here.  So thanks Gimmie A Break!”  — Tristan K.

“We are Gimmie A Break parents.  We have two children.  One is almost three and the other is an eight month old.  We have both children here whenever we need backup daycare, holidays, and anything like that.  We love the teachers here and we know the babies are in good hands and are always well taken care of.  They go the extra mile and we really appreciate it.  We’re happy that we have a safe alternative.  We’re always excited when the kids are here — they always have a good time.  There’s a basketball room for our oldest boy and the younger child has a playpen to play around in so it’s always a good time.”

“This is the only facility I trust to watch my child. I feel secure because most of the employees have been here forever.”

“My child saves her allowance just to come to Gimmie A Break.”

“My child loves coming here so much that I can incent him by using Gimmie A Break as his reward for good behavior at the end of the school week.”

“You guys are awesome!”

“My children cry when it’s time to leave because they love it here.”

“This is one of the cleanest facilities I’ve seen.”

“At nap time, I don’t know how you get all of your babies to go to sleep at the same time. I could never do that!”

“I really appreciate the one-on-one care for infants. It’s more than what I’ve experienced at other centers.”

“I love going out on dates again because of the late weekend hours. It has really put a spark back in our marriage!”

“My husband and I enjoy going out on dates without having to bother the grandparents.”

“This place is a great value, and it’s very affordable for parents who are in school.”

“I really enjoy the open feel of this place.”

“My wife and I are working crazy hours and going to school so we love the late hours.”

“I feel secure knowing that the staff is well-trained in CPR and first aide.”

“I depend on their Sunday hours during December so I can do all of my Christmas shopping.”

“I like how all of the different activities take place at the center, rather than having my child transported on field trips.”

“My son loves the huge outdoor playground and the variety of things for him to do.”

“I’m so glad you guys are here. I need a break!”

“My mother was diagnosed with cancer yesterday, and I need a place for my two children immediately. You are a lifesaver.”

“The other day my son said, ‘Mom I think you need a break. Take me to Gimmie A Break. ‘ ”

“I’m so happy not to have sitters in my home. I feel more secure knowing that my children are in a safe environment.”

“My kids don’t want to leave!”

“My kid is always so excited to be here.”

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