Need After Hours Childcare?

After Hours Childcare for Date Night, Going to School, Working Late Shifts

Call us at 281-554-5000.  Have you ever needed childcare on a Saturday or in the evenings? Gimmie A Break is here to help.  We’ve been providing after hours childcare in the Bay Area Community for over 25 years, and many families have come to rely on us.  Many of our parents are attending evening classes, working late shifts in retail or the medical field, or simply needing childcare while they enjoy an evening out.

Solving Puzzles - Gimmie A Break Childcare

Solving Puzzles – Gimmie A Break Childcare

Our late night hours make it easy for you to rely on us.  We’re open until 11 pm during the week and until 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. The kids are safe and well taken care of while they’re here, and the parents have peace of mind while they’re away.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  So whatever your need, don’t let finding a babysitter get in the way.  Call Gimmie A Break, and leave the after hours childcare to us!

Here’s what one of our parents told us about after hours childcare from Gimmie A Break.

Gimmie A Break has helped families and children with quality, caring hourly daycare, preschool, and pre-kindergarten services for many years — some of our Gimmie A Break parents attended Gimmie A Break as children.  Call 281-554-5000 for more information


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