Outdoor Play Space for Daycare & Preschool

Outdoor field day activities at Gimmie A Break.

Gimmie A Break is a preschool and childcare center located in Webster, TX, just a few miles from the Johnson Space Center.   We’re celebrating 25 years of providing quality care to children and families from Clear Lake, Houston, Friendswood, Pearland, Alvin, and surrounding areas.  Call us at 281-554-5000 for more information or fill out our contact form for information or to make a reservation.

The kids enjoy the outdoor basketball court.

Experts agree that outdoor play is very important to normal child development. One of the things that’s so special about Gimmie A Break is that we have great outdoor play space. We sit on an acre of land that is all fenced in, and that’s one of the reasons that we can bring lots of field trips to us, because we make ample use of that backyard. We have a large shaded playground with plenty of play equipment.  We also have a nice-sized basketball court that the kids really enjoy.

During the summer time we have water slides and toddler pools for Wet-N-Wild Wednesdays. We’ve had pony rides back there, and we’ve even had a petting zoo in our fenced play area. We’ll hire various vendors to come set up activities in our backyard. We’ve had fire safety day in our back yard multiple times during the year.

Gimmie A Break Summer Camp

Gimmie A Break Summer Camp

You really want to make sure your kids can go outside for all of the benefits of outdoor exercise and play. There are a lot of daycares that are in shopping centers, and the kids can’t go outside.  The parents don’t think to ask that question about outdoor play until later, when the child is going there and complains, “We wanted to go outside but we couldn’t — they don’t have an outdoor playground.”

At Gimmie A Break not only can the kids play outside, but we also have an awesome indoor play space — the Bouncy Room where the floor is actually bouncy. Your kids can play basketball in the Bouncy Room or even enjoy a karaoke party.  We have regular Stretch-N-Grow fitness classes in there as well as Hip-Hop Dance Parties and sometimes puppet shows.  We have just the right variety of things for your kids to do at Gimmie A Break.

Call us at 281-554-5000 for more information or to schedule a visit.  Give yourself a break by bringing your kids to Gimmie A Break.  They’ll have a great time!

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