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Map of Webster, Texas

Map of Webster, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quality Late Night & Extended Hours Daycare in Webster TX at Gimmie A Break

Gimmie A Break is a preschool, pre-kindergarten and hourly childcare center located just off Bay Area Boulevard in Webster, Texas.  We’ve been here for more than 25 years providing quality care for children from Houston, Pearland, Clear Lake, Friendswood, League City, and surrounding areas.  For more information, please call us at 281-554-5000, or if you’d like to make a reservation online, please complete this form.

Gimmie A Break is one of the few childcare centers in the Galveston Bay Area offering late night and extended hours childcare.  We’re open until 11 PM Monday through Thursday and until 2 AM on Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  A lot of people ask us if our parents really leave their kids with Gimmie A Break until 2 o’clock in the morning? The answer is yes, they do.


NASA (Photo credit: Luke Bryant)

As a matter of fact, during the Holidays many of the nearby NASA contractors have parties for their employees, and their HR departments will call to make sure that we have capacity for a lot of their employees’ kids here.  Sometimes we will work with them to provide late night childcare especially for their events.

So yes, if there is a special function or a Holiday party, a lot of times the parents will be out that late. We make special accommodations for the kids we have for extended hours childcare.  The lights are dimmed at 10 PM.  The kids don’t have to go to sleep, but we make it possible for the children to sleep, who want to sleep.  We will have a movie on the whole night, and we quiet the children’s surroundings.  We have mats that we put down and a lot of the kids do fall asleep because it’s quiet and it’s dark.

If your child is older, we have a “7 and up” room for kids that are 7 years and older, and the kids can go back there and play air hockey or foosball or play video games or board games, and they can play whatever they want back there.  But if they’re younger than 7 we just ask that they lie down, and we provide a quiet space for them. If they fall asleep, that’s great and if not, that’s okay too.

If you have questions about our late night daycare or any general questions about Gimmie A Break, please call us at 281-554-5000.  Let Gimmie A Break give you a break!

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