Gimmie A Break Review from E. Fitting!

This is a transcript of the video review:

Hi, I’m Lynne and I just wanted to say to anyone that’s interested in Gimmie A Break that I’m from the area since I was in second grade, this is my hometown, and out of anyplace that I’ve ever been, this is a home away from home for me and for my toddler, Brady.  I come inside the door and feel like these are my cousins and aunts and his aunts, and a tear comes to their eyes when they tell me about some of his accomplishments. When we sit down at dinner at night, he’s learning so much and he’ll point to the letter “D” when I didn’t know that he knew “ABC” yet at this age, he’s not even two!  We’re learning so much, “bicycle, tricycle,” you name it.  And they’re always open arms here and it’s such a healthy place and Brady is so happy.  I’m just really grateful that we found you guys!

Let Gimmie A Break give you a break!  Call us at 281-554-5000.

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